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Powering Innovation. Energizing Tomorrow.

HydrogenPro is a global tech company contributing to the energy transition.

Our electrolyzers

We aim to develop the best and most cost-effective electrolyzers in the world.

HydrogenPro is an original equipment manufacturer with a high focus on R&D. Our core product is high-pressure alkaline electrolyzers, which is a perfect fit for renewable energy. It has well load controllable and flexible reaction on fluctuating energy flows.

We have been producing electrolyzers since 2013. Our management take a
great pride in our ESG strategy about creating a sustainable society with hydrogen. Our technology supplies high-performance and zero emission energy, to help you reach your production and sustainability goals all at the same time.

We meet your demand> 2200
Nm3/hour or 198 kg/h
Large scale with outstanding
Low environmental impact.
No use of noble materials.
Well load controllable and
flexible on fluctuating energy

Power with purpose

Our proof of the pudding is the delivery of 220 MW high-pressure alkaline electrolyzers to the world’s largest renewable energy storage hub in the US.

Jarle Dragvik, CEO

Latest news from HydrogenPro

HydrogenPro Denmark has been granted DKK 35 million for the “H2-GIGA factory”.
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HydrogenPro has today reported its financial results for the first quarter.
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