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HydrogenPro celebrates 10 years of leadership in sustainable technology with our high-pressure alkaline electrolysers. This would never been possible without our highly dedicated and well-educated employees.

PORSGRUNN, SEPTEMBER 19, 2023. This August HydrogenPro crossed the line of a decade of work towards decarbonisation of the world. Getting the company into today’s position, where we have some of the most advanced technology in the industry, have been hard work. This would never been possible without our highly dedicated and well-educated employees.

We have come a long way from humble beginnings to technology leadership and would like to take a glimpse at the incredible journey:

HydrogenPro is founded by a team with several years of experience from the electrolyser industry at Norsk Hydro.

HydrogenPro delivers a 9 MW plant to Finland. This was the largest electrolyser plant in Northern Europe.

Mr. Man in Finland 2014


HydrogenPro enter into a joint development agreement with Mitsubishi.

HydrogenPro’s solution were selected by H2V Industry. A 100 MW hydrogen project in Dunkirk, France.

Terje in Hannover April 2018

Autumn 2020:
HydrogenPro is listed on Euronext Growth with key investors such as Mitsubishi taking part in the initial public offering (IPO).

HydrogenPro sets up a joint venture with electrolyser producer THM in Tianjin, China, owning 75% and securing control over all IP and electrolyser technology worldwide.

HydrogenPro acquires full intellectual property (IP) for advanced electrode technology from research partner ASP in Århus, Denmark.

HydrogenPro completes the electrode facility in Århus.

Århus 2021

February 2022:
HydrogenPro is authorized by The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).

April 2022:
HydrogenPro secures a landmark purchase order from Mitsubishi. It is a delivery for 220 MW in Utah, the US.

June 2022:
HydrogenPro’s factory Tianjin, China received a business license.

October 2022:
HydrogenPro was listed on the main list of Oslo Børs, Norway.

Oslo Børs 2022
Plant Tianjin

April 2023:
HydrogenPro enters partnership with the Austrian company ANDRITZ.

Summer 2023:
The first part of the shipment to the US, with 15 electrolysers and 20 gas-separation skids, leaves the port of Tianjin.

HydrogenPro confirms FEED study with Fortum for a 700 MW factory in Finland.

In August HydrogenPro invited employees and guests to celebrate our anniversary.

2023 1st batch unloading to port
Anniversary 10 years
Anniversary 10 years
Anniversary 10 years
Anniversary 10 years